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Huge blue Bambi eyes, a smile that could knock you off your feet, and a Mohawk that screams Rockstar badass bitch. Enter the woman I had met before.... just not in this life..

You see a promise I made to myself when I was on my Europe trip ( 72 days in the summer of 2012 with my buddy Simon Couchsurfing for the first of many times to come) was that when I was somewhat stable back in the states, I would proudly host Couchsurfer's from anywhere around the world, give them all the spoils a traveler wants when on the road; A nice hot shower when ever they need one, the ability to do laundry, use the fridge, and come and go as they please (as long as I got good vibes from them).

This Rockstar filled with energy was a fellow Couchsurfer on her way from Nashville to California to fulfill her dreams of being famous. "Knock" "knock" as I turn away from editing a watercolor video and open the door. She greats me with a smile and a hug, I immediately feel a comfort and acceptance in this person. Have we met before? Does she feel the same way? Her tiny electric Teal Ford compact is bursting at the seems with her belongings as I offer to help her with her things. She declines and I give her the tour of the house. After introductions and testing each other out, we decide to get out and grab a beer then a bite to eat.

Truckyard, a redneck or hillbilly's dream bar located in the heart of Lower Greenville in Eastern Dallas is our first destination. As we approach, local firefighter flags litter the sky above red canvas's. We enter through the gate and go straight for the bar to try some local brews. Fireman's #4 is our first on the list and we smile while smashing our cups together in celebration of what was for sure a reuniting of souls.

Live drunken bands (who I assume are raising money for the local firefighting associations) scream cover songs and clean shaving young men with there wives and girlfriends are scattered around the porches, picnic benches, and dirt filled space. In the distance is the small tree house with an accordion style stairway, we start heading that way. We find a spot in the tree house which apparently is also a bar. A young couple introduces themselves and we explain our arrangement/ how Kat and I met. They embrace the concept and the craziness begins. We attract an older drunken cowboy and his wife that are more than vivid about how he maintains his pubic hair. He is simply appalled by my beard which I find hilarious considering he has a huge mustache and he begins a barrage of insults only to find me laughing hysterically in his face.

We check out HG Supply's roof top and have one more beer then head to my favorite hippie/vegan spot on Greenville called Sundown at Granada. I ask for my newly found friend Liza (my mom and I had met the previous Thursday after my 1st live art demonstration) and we sit in her section. As she greets us, I can tell she is slightly frustrated but is still kind none the less. I explain I'm hosting Kat to Liza and she is also going to California (Liza wants to move to California as well to follow her dreams of art + music explorations). The two girls bond after some investigative questioning by both parties.

By the end of the night we are all three dumbfounded and mesmerized by the fact we had all come together despite our locations, struggles, paths, and ages. We were destined to meet because we needed to motivate and support each other. That's exactly what this trip is all about. Reaching out and opening up to everyone to support each other as a human race. Independently we are special but as our souls and energies collaborate, we build a lifetime of momentous energy that is unstoppable.

We will continue to recognize each other through the universe no matter what life, what planet or time. We will live in each others hearts eternally.

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