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Bright, explosive color; wet autumn leaves; diaphanous landscapes. It's all there in Ryan Rankin's watercolors. In some, splashes of vibrant color appear as wild and deceptively simple abstractions. Others present images of swirling leaves viewed as if through layers of water in an endless puddle. And landscapes that might at first seem like familiar scenes of plants and forests present beguiling views of dream worlds. Despite this diversity of subjects, what's striking is the unity of the work. Ryan's paintings are all distinguished by his distinctive style. Painting abstractions and natural forms alike with broad, loose washes of deep color, he creates abstractions that appear to be concrete objects and natural forms that seem abstract.


 Credit to JM Gallery Dallas,Texas    


About the Artist


Born on Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, Ryan J. Rankin began life by travelling. His father, Lt. Colonel Joseph Rankin, served 26 years in the United States Army which gave him the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the United States. For Ryan, the constant meandering across the country instilled in him a love for traveling and a passion for interacting and learning from people unlike himself. Throughout the years Ryan attended many schools in a variety of diverse regions exposing him to many new cultures.  Once his father retired, his family settled down in Yukon, OK where he went to high school. Again through exploration Ryan tried out multiple disciplines to identify what would be the next step in his life. The constant yearning to explore whatever creative disciplines his school offered would help mold the foundation for art and architecture within his life. Ryan experimented in machine shop, wood shop, AutoCAD, and industrial drafting by hand in an effort to find what he was truly passionate about.  In 2003 he enrolled at OSU-OKC where he studied Municipal Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Services. After working as a volunteer firefighter and medic, he found that his heart wasn't in the right place. Finding the courage and drive to go back to school, the pieces of the puzzle had finally come together. His true passion in life had always been to work with people in a creative way. Ryan found solace in the beautiful world of art where the boundaries of the creative mind were limitless. Working with people and helping them enrich their lives through creativity and love is what Ryan strives to do on a daily basis. He hopes to link different groups of people existing in the world through the celebration of creativity and collaboration. 

Photography by Josh Jennings -

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