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About Ryan


Ryan, as a designer inspired by his extensive travels and the beauty of flowers, skillfully melds these influences into his work, striking an intriguing balance between surrealism and realism. In his designs, Ryan channels the essence of diverse landscapes and cultures he has encountered, from the rugged grandeur of the Himalaya Mountains and the vast expanse of the Thar Desert to the quaint charm of Copenhagen, the vibrant hues of Mexico, the misty highlands of Scotland, and the historic allure of Istanbul. He skillfully incorporates elements from these varied locales, such as the undulating lines of the Himalayas or the rich textures of Istanbul's bazaars, into his designs, adding a touch of the surreal to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.
In his watercolor paintings, Ryan vividly captures the delicate details of flowers and the rich tapestry of his travel experiences. His brushwork, light and fluid, mirrors the organic forms of nature, but with a surreal twist that elevates the scenes into dreamlike vistas. He adeptly blends colors on paper, creating movement and spontaneity, effortlessly transitioning from the serene blues of Copenhagen’s harbors to the fiery oranges of the Mexican sunsets. These paintings are not mere visual representations; they are a creative amalgamation of emotions and sensations, with a surreal lens that blurs the lines between reality and imagination.
Ryan's unique approach allows him to express his creativity in a way that is deeply grounded in his experiences yet boundless in its imaginative scope, enriching each discipline he explores.

Art Critique

Bright, explosive color; wet autumn leaves; diaphanous landscapes. It's all there in Ryan Rankin's watercolors. In some, splashes of vibrant color appear as wild and deceptively simple abstractions. Others present images of swirling leaves viewed as if through layers of water in an endless puddle. And landscapes that might at first seem like familiar scenes of plants and forests present beguiling views of dream worlds.
Despite this diversity of subjects, what's striking is the unity of the work. Ryan's paintings are all distinguished by his distinctive style. Painting abstractions and natural forms alike with broad, loose washes of deep color, he creates abstractions that appear to be concrete objects and natural forms that seem abstract.


 Credit to JM Gallery Dallas,Texas


Photography by Josh Jennings -

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