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Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience



Rankin Art & Design Group, Dallas, TX

Artist, Designer, and Owner (2013 - Current)


Travel art and Storytelling: Embark on a visual journey that marries the art of storytelling with the beauty of travel, capturing the essence of each destination through vivid illustrations and narratives.


Specialization in Watercolor and Architectural Design: A unique fusion of watercolor artistry and architectural innovation, focusing on creating unique hospitality destinations in remote areas. This approach leverages the interplay between art and architecture to enhance the natural beauty and distinctiveness of secluded locales.


Hybrid Generative Design and Traditional Techniques: An avant-garde approach to design that blends cutting-edge generative methods with the timeless appeal of traditional sketching and painting. This hybrid strategy enables the creation of visually striking and emotionally resonant works that bridge the gap between the digital and the classical.


Gensler (Largest Firm in the World), Dallas, TX

Senior Designer (2023 - Current)

Mixed-Use, Luxury Residential, Hospitality, Sports, and Entertainment 


Design complex mixed-use and hospitality architectural projects globally. 

Leveraged world travel experiences to enhance project context and community connection.


Overland Partners, Dallas, TX

Senior Designer (2022 - 2023)


Mixed-Use, Master planning, Hospitality, Sports, and Entertainment



Designed complex mixed-use and hospitality architectural projects globally. 

Leveraged world travel experiences to enhance project context and community connection.

I played a pivotal role in the establishment of a new architecture office in an emerging region, supporting a diverse team of 30 professionals.


Through strategic direction and innovative design proposals, I was instrumental in securing major international projects, elevating our presence on the global stage.


Additionally, I shared my expertise by conducting a sketching course, empowering team members with the skills to visualize and communicate ideas effectively. This multifaceted contribution not only accelerated our office's growth but also fostered a culture of creativity and excellence.



HKS Architects, Dallas, TX

Hospitality Project Designer (2013 - 2022)

Collaborated closely as part of a team to meticulously craft an array of luxury resorts and urban hotels across the globe, infusing each project with a unique blend of elegance and innovation. Passionately advocated for the use of immersive technologies in architectural design, transforming the way spaces are visualized and brought to life. This approach not only enriched the aesthetic and functional aspects of each property but also redefined the standards of modern hospitality design.




Fine Art & Gallery Shows

"Provocations," RAW Natural Born Artists, Tulsa, OK, 2012

"Artist of the Year Finalist," RAW Natural Born Artists, Tulsa, OK, 2012

"En Masse," Dallas, TX, 2013; "Panorama," Dallas, TX, 2014

"3rd Annual Artist vs. Architect," Dallas, TX, 2014

Multiple Exhibitions / Shows, Kettle Art Gallery, Dallas, TX, 2016 - current

Kettle Art Gallery Resident Artist, Dallas, TX, 2018 - current


Awards & Recognition


Individual & Team Awards

AIA KRob Delineation Competition, Finalist in Professional Travel Sketch Category, 2021 & 2022


Architectural Awards with HKS Inc.

18th Annual Hospitality Design Award, Midscale Hotel, Austin Marriott Downtown, 2022

 Excellence in Design Awards, Potomac Landmark MGM National Harbor, 2018



Professional Skills

Comprehensive experience in architectural design, including 9+ built projects

Expertise in BIM and Revit, 3D modeling tools, and graphic software

Proficiency in project lifecycle management, from conception through post-occupancy

Strong communication, organizational, and leadership skills

15+ years in architectural illustration and immersive technology

Proficient in sustainable design principles and project management



CASA Dallas – Parade of Playhouses

AIA Dallas – Ken Roberts International Memorial Delineation Competition Committee

Habitat for Humanity

All Hands Volunteering, Nepal, Earthquake Disaster Relief and Recovery, 2015



Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a Minor in Art History, 2013


Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City, OK

Associate degree in General Engineering, 2008

National Registered Emergency Medical Technician / Municipal Fire Training / Emergency, 2005


Yukon High School, Yukon, OK

High School Diploma, 2003

Professional Recommendations and Reviews

KC Hall

Senior Consultant, Organizational Effectiveness at Slalom


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ryan for the past five years and he is a true stand out. He has an infectious energy about him, and it shows in his work. He is proactive in engaging above and beyond his role always looking for opportunities to raise the bar for his studio and office. Ryan is committed to developing his own skill set and acts as a mentor to those in his studio. He is a natural leader with a passion for learning and architecture that will take him far in his career. It’s been an honor to have him as a colleague and friend.


Melissa Voelker

Vice President, Global Experiential Design at Hines


I have worked with Ryan for many years now and find him to be exceptional in all he seeks out. It does not matter what he does - design, watercolor, or anything creative - he far surpasses the expectations. In addition, and above, he is kind and thoughtful with an incredible work ethic. He is an absolute pleasure to work alongside.


Hilda Espinal, AIA, LEED AP

Chief Technology Officer at Cannon Design


I had the pleasure of working with Ryan in the inception of bringing Immersive experiences to Architectural Design and Visualization at HKS. Not only is he an EXTREMELY talented artist, but he also gets the technology and is a pleasure to work with. Likely one of the most culturally sensitive individuals I had the pleasure to work with while in Dallas.


Scott Ewert

SVP - Talent Acquisition / Employer Branding / Innovation


For such a young guy, Ryan is wise beyond his years. He embarked on a journey that took him all over the globe to gain perspective, which has made him a better designer and more in touch with his team and clients. He shares my drive to innovate, and I know he will continue to be an agent of change at HKS. He is also an all-around good dude.



Regan Holton, AIA, NCARB

Visual Storyteller - SB Architects


Ryan is a huge asset for our Hospitality team. On several occasions since he has been with HKS, Ryan has demonstrated a capacity for quick problem solving, excellent design instincts, and a work ethic second to none. I would work with Ryan any time on any project.


Simon Manning

Design Visualization / Freelance Designer / Logitech Design Consultant


Ryan is a catalyst. He excels at bringing the right people to the table. This entrepreneurial skill set makes him well suited to leadership. Ryan’s strengths lie in high impact moves that lead the eye and guide the viewer, much like his dynamic paintings.

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