Kitty Kathmandu and the Beards

After arriving in Nepal and going out to Chitwan for some safari and river rafting, I came back Pilgrims Guesthouse in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal to relax for a few days. I had a few people here that I had met along my travels in Asia and one friend that I had never met but was friends with my best friend Whitney.

First night I met my good friend Yuval, from the Tushita Buddhist retreat in Dharamshala and we decided to go meet up with Whitney's friend Allison. All I knew about miss Allison was that she was crazy fit, loved yoga, was a roommate of Whitney's back in NYC, and had just finished the 20 day Mount Everest base camp trek.

We showed up to 4 people sitting at this rooftop terrace overlooking the urban context of Thamel with a DJ outside blaring music and a cover band inside playing old school rock. Here Yuval and I met Allison, Derek (Allison's buddy), and 2 other people from Allison's trek. The rest of the night was filled with beers (mainly Turburgs and Everest brews), some Hookah, talk of travels, hiking, food, and music. Most everyone was exhausted so we called it a fairly early night.

The next morning Yuval and I went for some cheap but filling pastry items and I had just about the worst cup of tea I have ever had but we sat down on a small set of stairs and relaxed while the morning traffic and people passed by. Lot's of Nepalese people going to work or school, but then tons of trekkers from all over the world.

It's hilarious to see people gearing up for their treks through the freaking Himalayan mountains with items thats all knock off North Face and other various popular outdoor companies. Shoes that may last like 5 days, bags that say waterproof that the zipper will fall off, and clothes you would need 6 pairs of just to keep you warm.

That day Yuval went to the Monkey Temple and I was going to hang back at my hotel until miss Allison and Derek invited me to a cool little bar up on the third story of a main street here in Thamel. Although it was only noon we decided to start drinking cocktails while listening to American country music, which I found hilarious. I hadn't drank much on my trip so far over the last 3 months and they had just done 20 days of trekking so don't be a judgmental asshole and assume this craziness happens all the

We started our descent upon the shops of Thamel and Allison begin to reveal her addiction to crazy ass tie dye pants. Derek and I started realizing with Allison being so beautiful and foreign to Nepali's we were like her secret service team. Me, a short and stout man with beard and tattoos. Derek a towering man of 6'-7" with an Irish-like beard and the same clothes he had been wearing for the 20 day trek...we look scary as shit to the people.. lol

We needed team names so we agreed Allison's was miss Kitty or the Kitty (because of her crazy obsession and infatuation with her cat whom she missed religiously)... for example we would look at each other with or hands to our faces as if we had special secret service mics and would say... "The Kitty is on the move" or "The Kitty is out of the nest". Determined by miss Allison the great or "Kitty", I was Beard 01 and Derek was Beard 02. Thus began our journey amongst the city of Thamel as a team.

We couldn't find the spa, so we went to a nice place called Black Olive Cafe where we had the most amazing buffalo wings that i covered my beard in (never thought I would have those here), chips and salsa I devoured, and some nice new cocktails that we slurped down quickly. They had some nice music and wonderful people working there, but we eventually decided to head out in further search for the spa.

After about 40 minutes of searching we saw the spa and went upstairs after leaving our shoes and putting on slippers that were definitely 3 sizes too small. We were greeted with green tea, warm smiles, and some fancy scroll style menus. We all chose to get the package that included a dry sauna, an hour long massage, and what was to be my first facial.

It only costs like $28 USD...which would easily be $400 back home. We all stripped down to towels and soaked in the sauna for a while until they came and got us for our hour long massages. They made me put on this tiny banana hammock that i ripped through most of so my ass was hanging

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